No Soup For You!

In Wisconsin, when the weather turns cold, people start to think about soup. Are you craving it yet? If you were at my office today, you would be!

This past month, my employer started bringing in lunch vendors weekly to offer the staff, convenient, hot lunch choices. As you can probably guess, everyone has a favorite.

Today, due to a snafu with the normal Tuesday vendor, we no longer had soup, but sub sandwiches from someone else. Given the sudden, unexpected change in menu, you would have thought they were offering gruel in comparison. Boy were people upset! All morning long, comments were made about when we were going to see the soup menu, why wasn’t soup going to be available, and most importantly, how were they going to survive without it!

Needless to say, morale got so bad, one artistic co-worker (Christina Radi) stated she was actually going to write a song about it due to the emotional distress! (My recollection was that it was going to be entitled, Nothing Compares To Soup, a shout out to Sinéad O’Connor’s Nothing Compares 2U.)

Update: In January 2015, Christina recorded the actual soup song! Take a listen: 

Consequently, though brands want you to to buy their products, apparently, more importantly, restaurants want you to remember their quality product so much, they want you to crave their food when you miss it.

What foods do you crave when it’s suddenly missing? How disappointed are you when not given the opportunity to eat it?

Check out the short Soup Nazi – NO SOUP FOR YOU! Seinfeld video if you have not seen it. Brings this whole blog post together.

*Special thanks to Paul Karcz at Triplesix Studio Productions for his audio engineering effort on this project.

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4 thoughts on “No Soup For You!

  1. I work with the Soup Market! I showed my boss this and he told me to buy you lunch for your post! Sorry you are no longer there.

    • Hello and thank you for the reply. I appreciate the kind offer.

      Anytime your boss would be interested, I’d love an opportunity to have a bowl of soup with him and do a bit of networking.

      Let me know the easiest way I can coordinate that connection.

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