Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

IMG_1639Ever heard the ritual of putting a white crayon in the freezer, flushing an ice cube down the toilet, or wearing your pajamas inside out, all in an attempt to bring about snow? If you were at my house yesterday as the snow was falling, you’d know my kids were discussing the tricks they were going to try to ensure there was going to be a Snow Day today (aka No School).

Apparently mother nature didn’t want to cooperate. Even though we received a hefty 8-10″ inch pile up, school was never cancelled.

Either way, after the snow stopped falling, it was time for dad to pull out the Simplicity snow thrower, fire it up and get to work clearing the driveway and sidewalks.


Though my 1999 7HP Sno-Away model usually tackles snow with ease, earlier this season, it was showing signs of age and wasn’t interested in helping me clear my driveway. It wouldn’t start.

Fortunately, tune ups are often a simple answer to get the unit running smoothly again. Trouble is, at 175 pounds, it’s not easy to throw in a vehicle to take it in for service when needed. That is, until I discovered The Mobile Repair Guys. Thanks to a local referral, with just one phone call, Russ came to my home directly to fix my blower. House calls apparently aren’t just for doctors anymore!

2013-02-08 10.26.50

Working diligently, Russ did all the trouble shooting necessary to have it back in running order in no time and I was clearing my driveway with ease.

2013-02-08 10.42.23Needless to say, I hardly touched a shovel and my lower back is eternally grateful.

So what about you? Do you like to tackle old man winter with an old fashioned shovel and hard work, or do you prefer the biggest, fastest, most efficient snow throwing machine money can buy to help the process?

Duane Drzadinski is a sales and marketing professional, father, and social media enthusiast. Connect with him and continue the conversation on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.


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