It’s Your Life…Customize It

Earlier this month, I was fortunate enough to answer an unexpected incoming phone call from a Holz customer. Mr. Matt Kirby introduced himself and proceeded to convey his interest in a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and to see if I could help. These types of requests don’t come in daily. I was listening!

Anyway, Matt told me how a Stingray had caught his eye earlier this summer while driving and that he was significantly impressed enough with it that he wanted to own one. He further explained that he was a Porsche owner for many years previously and was ready to come back to a sports car.

For those of you on the outside of the automotive industry, Corvette Stingray’s are not readily available at a dealership. In fact, our dealership had just one on the showroom floor. Unfortunately, the vehicle features, trim level and color choice didn’t match Matt’s interest.

What to do? Find him one, or build it directly from the factory at General Motors. So, my search began online to see if other dealers in the midwest might have one to meets his needs. And, even though I found him a Corvette locally in the midwest, it still wasn’t his favorite choice.

So, Matt did what most customers in his shoes would do, he build a 2016 model online and ordered it to his specifications. Color, trim level, accessories and all.

Our conversations about Matt’s interest in sports cars, his choices for entertainment and more got me thinking. If we all take the time to set goals and work hard to achive them, we just might be given the chance of living our dreams. Whether that’s traveling to an exotic location, building a career that impacts future generations, or even just buying a classic sports car.

What will you dream about today?

(Customer name changed for privacy.)

Ready for a test drive? Feel free to make an appointment with me at Holz Motors at 414-425-2400 x113 (or email me at Whether you want to buy a car or lease one, I can help you find the vehicle that will meet your needs.


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