All opinons are my own.

If you’re an active Twitter user, no doubt you’ve seen the following statements in people’s profiles:

“All opinions are my own.”

“Thoughts are all mine.”

“RT’s are not endorsements.”

Honestly, I think it’s getting ridiculous how often I see it. And people get nuts about it. The text is bolded, italicized, and put in “quotes.” Really? Are lawyers managing Twitter now, or is everyone paranoid they’ll get fired by their employer for posting stuff?

Either way, if you avoid swearing, don’t post anything negative, and are generally pleasant to others on the platform, can’t you make a statement or state an opinion without having to constantly stipulate that what you’ve said should not be misinterpreted, misconstrued, or taken the wrong way? Lighten up people!

Ok, I’ve stated my opinion. What’s yours on the topic?

Duane Drzadinski is a marketing professional, father and social media enthusiast. Connect with him and continue the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn.


2 thoughts on “All opinons are my own.

  1. No I think you nailed it on the head – everyone is paranoid they’ll get fired by their employer – and Im sure (most) employers feel someones personal opinion might not always be in the spirit of their corporate culture – so this could be grounds for dismissal. I mean can you imagine talking about how amazing the new shiny Adidas track suit looks but you work @Nike?

    • Amen Amos! Twitter was build for individuals to express themselves in 140 characters. Once the corporate world came on board, they forced people to re-evaluate how they tweet.

      Well guess what, you’re supposed to speak your mind on the platform, it’s your handle, not theirs! Why should corporations get to dictate what you say?

      Phooey. Say what you want, but don’t forget to brag about that track suit once in a while. You may even get promoted, or at the very least, be thanked for your personal opinion.

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