Is your chat ready for Primetime?


If you use Twitter regularly, you most likely participate in chats (i.e., #HFchat, #bealeader, etc.). And not just one either. You follow and join in multiple ones. I’ve even known users that make time for up to two dozen per week that interest them!

Personally, I’ve been involved in at least a dozen in recent years. They vary by days of the week and interest level, so it’s easy to bounce around and jump in when you can.

The question is, which one resonates most with you? Which one do you return to time and time again? Which one are you such a regular participant that you basically make time for, that it becomes a part of your schedule, just like prime time TV viewing? For me, it’s compliments of She / He \ Media. Their “She Said, He Said” chat, otherwise known as #shehechat, is one weekly chat worth tuning in to as they debate social media topics. Covering social media engagement strategies, the creators, Shelby Sapusek (@ShelMKE) and Jim Raffel (@raffel), are expert marketing professionals that know the networking value social media provides, and gives participants a chance to chime in to learn more. Each week, their chats offer important marketing topics and they provide at least five engaging questions during the hour session.

Is their chat new to you? Here’s one weekly Storify #shehechat sample to give you an idea who participated and what they had to say about the topic.

Thus, are you or any of your staff participating in weekly chats? Which one(s) stand out in your book as worthy of becoming a “go to” source for information about your industry, passion, or otherwise? Have you ever “tuned out” of network television so that you could participate in a “live” chat instead?

If not, give chats a chance. They might surprise you.

Duane Drzadinski is a marketing professional, father and social media enthusiast. Connect with him and continue the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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