Behold, the Power of Juice! 7 Reasons to Drink Up

If you read my prior blog post about the Juiced! Mobile Juice Bar, you know I’ve learned quite a bit about cold pressed juice as of late. But what about you? Do you know how beneficial fresh juice is for your body and health? Here are 7 juicy details that might enlighten you to try one the next time you come across a bottle (or decide to juice some yourself!):

1. Juice infuses your bloodstream with micronutrients, leaving you feeling vibrant, healthy, and energetic!

2. Cold pressed juice simply tastes amazing!

cold pressed juice

3. Juice fasts (or cleanses) clean your body from the inside out, encouraging weight loss while detoxifying your body

4. Cold pressed juices contain more nutrients than those made using a standard centrifugal juicer

5. It’s easier to consume larger quantities of nutrient dense foods by drinking juice

6. Juice and juice cleanses can be a beneficial health supplement/meal replacement for people with compromised immune systems and degenerative illnesses (i.e., crohns disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.).

7. Juice offers an easy way to hydrate and refresh yourself in our fast paced society

Thirsty yet? Samples now available. Call or text me at 414-403-3002.

Duane Drzadinski is a salesman, social media strategist and consultant, husband and father of two. Connect with him and continue the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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