To DM or Not To DM. That Is The Question.

Ask any social media professional their thoughts on the Twitter DM (Direct Message) and you are bound to get one of the following responses:

1. They’re stupid.

2. I don’t read them.

3. I’ve never looked at mine.


Why? SPAM. Ever since I can remember, the only messages that stand out in my direct message stream are useless drivel from companies just trying to get you to click on their weight loss website, etc.

Basically, the bad apples have ruined the entire bucket.

That’s sad. On every other network (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or even via email), when I send a message to someone and expect a response, I can usually get it (though sometimes it does take a bit of persistence). Yet with DMs on Twitter, most of the time, crickets come through loud and clear.

What to do? If you decide to use the DM feature, keep the message professional, short, and appropriate. Don’t expect a response unless it’s from a good friend. Otherwise, it will most likely get ignored.

Need a real time reply? Pick up the phone or text them instead.

What has your experience been? Even gotten a DM worth reading, acting upon, or engaging with? Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Duane Drzadinski is a marketing professional, social media strategist and consultant, husband and father of two. Connect with him and continue the conversation on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.


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