Observation Is Powerful

In sales, it’s touted that observation is a powerful tool on the road to the sale. Yet, simple distractions often sideline us so that we miss out on opportunities to observe, listen, and act promptly based on the circumstance.

Sometimes, basic observation can do amazing things. It can get you thinking differently about things and shake you out of your day-to-day mentality.

Of course, observation can be used by anyone to benefit themselves and others. Case in point? We had a guest named John visit the dealership this past weekend. While I was making a routine batch of fresh, hot popcorn, John approached asking for a sample.


Suprisingly, when I asked if the smell drew him in, he specifically replied no, it didn’t.

Besides the intoxicating aroma of fresh theater popcorn, what would draw you to a machine? John’s response? The popping sound.

Thanks for the reminder John to continuously be observant. One final thought: our guest John was only three years old.

Has your vehicle seen better days? Ready for a new test drive? Feel free to make an appointment with me at Holz Motors at 414-425-2400 x113 (or email me at ddrzadinski@holzmotors.com). Whether you want to buy a car or lease one, I can help find you the vehicle that will meet your needs.



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