Do you Foursquare? Here are 3.5 reasons why you should.

Recently, I noticed one of Phil Gerbyshak’s followers comment that they were considering quitting using Foursquare. Why? I’m not sure. Either they never took the time to learn how to use it, weren’t using it correctly, or apparently thought it was a waste of time.

So if you’re new to Foursquare, curious how to use it better, or just want to learn more, here are 3.5 reason why the @Foursquare app is worth picking up for your phone or tablet. Plus, it’s FREE! How cool is that?
Reason #1: Check ins
Check in to local places and alert your friends of where you are right now. Whether it’s a restaurant, coffee shop, national park, retail store and more! You can share that check in socially via Facebook or Twitter, or just with your own Foursquare friends.
How is that beneficial? Your presence at that business – and your promotion of it – means others learn more about them because you are there. So what can you promote? How about if a restaurant has fresh, table-side made guacamole, if a tavern serves any hometown tap beers, or possibly how to get special, unadvertised discounts.
Reason #2: Directions
Are you traveling and want to find the nearest coffee shop? Use the Explore function to find one, and click on the Directions tab to see exact directions and proximity.
Reason #3: Tips
While other social sites have endless verbiage from consumers droning on with reviews (many negative), Foursquare keeps it simple. They want Tips. That’s right, easy to digest bits of info that are of value to others. What’s a good tip? How about relaying any seasonal favorite food entrees, if any local products are sold, something interesting about the decor, or maybe mention an employee that made you feel special. Either way, any tip you leave should benefit someone else who is giving the business a quick review online. Personally, I’d rather learn something and want to visit a business because of reading the tips before walking in the door. Wouldn’t you?
Reason #3.5 Tracking
Has your son or daughter forgotten where they last left their Green Bay Packers sweatshirt or Nintendo 3DS? Use the History function to see all the places you’ve checked into recently. Our family paid a second visit to Jimmy Johns one afternoon to recover a lost item thanks to being able to retrace our steps the easy way.
These are just a few examples of how Foursquare is beneficial. How are you using it?
Duane Drzadinski is a marketing professional, father and social media enthusiast. Connect with him and continue the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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