Moving Past The Goose Egg

Anyone working in the social media realm will tell you their clients want results if they pay a consultant or agency to provide social media marketing services for them. Go figure. Everybody wants ROI for their marketing efforts.

What specific ROI they seek is dependent on their business, the goals, the budget, and overall expectations for work completed. As marketing professionals, it’s our job to find out what they need and devise the social strategy and implement tactics to match.

My experience in this industry has told me an overnight solution garnering viral success is probably not going to happen. Buying one lottery ticket and expecting to “win it all” probably won’t happen either. Buying dozens, or hundreds of tickets will only get you slightly closer. Yet, simply playing (as in being active with your social media marketing) will at least get you one step closer to achieving results.

Why am I telling you this? Because. Goose egg analytics (aka zero social stats) from lack of participation on any or all platforms means you’re not in the game. Thus, your customers, prospects, community and friends will think you’re on the bench – or – just sitting in the locker room.

goose egg

Does this matter? You bet it does. In recent years, mobile phones, tablets, and “always on” devices have given us the chance to engage, interact, and build ongoing relationships with those people that will buy our products and services and make our lives better. Don’t miss an opportunity to be an MVP on the field.

If your social media marketing is limping, injured, or on the sidelines, I may be able to help. Let’s talk about whether you need coaching, training, or a pinch hitter for your team.

Duane Drzadinski is a social media strategist and consultant, salesman, husband and father of two. Connect with him and continue the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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