9.5 Reasons Why Scout Lake Park Needs a Beer Garden

Have you had a chance to visit the Estabrook Beer Garden along the Milwaukee River? If not, are you unsure what benefits a beer garden offers visitors? Well, with Scout Lake Park in Greendale on tap to possibly get a beer garden this summer, I thought I’d take a moment to tell you 9.5 reasons why you might want one:

1. Scout Lake Park has attractive features including: a lake, being densely wooded and a nice inclusive social setting.

2. A beer garden is an ideal opportunity to strengthen the community.

3. Crowds love live music. German bands are ideal in a beer garden surrounding.

4. German beer tastes amazing on hot summer nights.


Photo via @KatPummill

5. Oversized German pretzels – shared with friends – go great with beer.

6. The Parks Department could collect a fair amount of revenue from beer garden sales.

7. Seating is planned for indoors, and outdoors, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of it wherever you feel comfortable.

8. Opening a beer garden could bring “Gemütlichkeit” back to the south side.

9. They could theoretically be open year round serving volley ball players and ice fisherman.

9.5 My grandfather and father would be proud that I would have a chance to use their authentic one liter German beer steins again.

Thank you Hans Weissgerber III for your vision and action to try and make the Scout Lake Beer Garden a reality.


Related: Estabrook operator plans beer garden at Scout Lake Park


Photo via @tkbmoose



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