Silence Is Not A Social Media Strategy

Though I’m a relative late comer to the Twittersphere (having only just started in 2010), I’ve learned plenty over these past few years about engagement, building community, increasing brand awareness and using social media to increase revenues for business.
Through it all, if you were honest, transparent, authentic, and social, you made friends, developed relationships and ultimately generated returns from those investment in your time.
However, recently, I’m finding one component desperately missing from the online equation: SOCIAL. But wait, you say, isn’t social media inherently social? That depends how it’s used. For businesses that soley use it for push marketing, there’s essentially no social element whatsoever. It’s just broadcasting. For brands and/or individuals that aren’t listening, responding, or engaging, they’re just ignoring you like in real life. Are either really social examples? Not really.
So what should your branding portray? A caring attitude with enthusiasm and interest in you and what you say? Or, a silent, quiet type that ignores every mention, activity item and notification your Twitter handle receives?
If you want to play in the social media realm, it’s imperative you actually CARE about everybody that talks to or about you, your brand, your business and even your community. Interact with them. Learn from them. Develop relationships with them. And if you do it right, you’ll benefit from those relationships, in more ways than one.
Duane Drzadinski is the owner of Dr. Z. Marketing. He is passionate about helping individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners generate RESULTS from their online efforts. In spring of 2014, he began helping Milwaukee become more sustainable by launching Compost Express, an organic recycling business. Follow him on Twitter @duanedrzadinski

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